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Our Story

In Aguazul “Products for Swimming”, we started our company in February, 1999 with a record of not a single product returned and we keep it, products are made with higher quality to offer you the best product for your swimming school or recreational areas.

We have taken part in events of both national and international character, as well as in congresses of swimming and in his areas of rehabilitation.

Today our products are registered before the IMPI (Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property), which gives us credibility as company, likewise we are in constant development with innovative products for the enrichment of the aquatic activities; so we collaborate in the development of the education in the swimming.

In this moment we handle more than 60 different models, in an area where we are pioneering in the products manufacture of swimming lessons in Mexico and Central America; products that we complement with training services to schools, pools, clubs and that can be applicable in any of the categories: there is already training for babies, disabled, up to major adults.

Today our products are used in Argentina and Costa Rica; we are doing market strategies to expand to other countries.

  • We are a company compromised in spite of supporting and improving the quality of the education in the swimming, across the diverse scale of products complementing it with the theoretical training services – practically.
  • We want to be an innovative and professional company in design area, materials and products for aquatic areas and in the education of the swimming.
  • To keep on offering a product with quality of ideal conditions and to keep on having the confidence and safety of the experts.
  • Show to new markets, the utility of our product in areas of rehab, therapy and disability.
  • Provide to the schools, teachers and pupils, the best didactic products in the education and learning of the swimming.
  • We want continue in the development of new products with the best quality.
    Expand our customer market and to make know our products in the rest of the world.

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