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Aguazul “Products for Swimming”

We would like to attend you as well as possible, please verify our sales conditions, any doubt or suggestion please let us know, we are at your service.

  1. The Seller issues a Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to the Buyer. (Optional)
  2. The Seller issues a draft contract to the Buyer.
  3. The Buyer returns revised draft contract to the Seller via fax or email.
  4. The Seller reviews and confirms any changes made in draft contract by the Buyer. If the Seller agrees to the changes made by Buyer, the Seller issues the final binding contract via fax or email.
  5. The Buyer returns the final agreed contract duly signed and sealed via email or fax.
  6. The Seller will then scan the fully signed, sealed and initialed Contract and email or fax the “Soft Copies” to the Buyer.
  7. The Seller will issue to the buyer two (2) original hard copies of the contract via courier to Buyer’s address as stated in the contract.
  8. Immediately upon receiving the Seller’s signed and sealed Hard Copies of the contract via Fax, then Originals by Courier, the Buyer will personally sign and seal the 2 Hard Copies and return one (1) originals by courier to the Seller.
  9. The Buyer will then, within 7 days of signing the Hard Copies, open a non-operative payment instrument to the Seller’s bank in exchange for POP Bank to Bank, supplied within 72 hours.
  10. The Seller will, within 5 working days of receipt of an acceptable non-operative payment instrument, issue Bank to Bank a two percent (2%) Performance Bond of the value of each shipment. Within two (2) days of the receipt of the Performance Bond, the Buyer’s bank will issue an amendment making the Letter of Credit operative.


Our products are guaranteed during a time of three months only in case that you receive the products with any damage (does not include the company delivery damages) or when it shows some manufacture defect, nevertheless our company reserves the right to change the product in cases of a bad use or when it has been used by causes different from what it was made for.

  • Shipping will commence within thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days from date of Seller’s receipt of the acceptable operative payment instrument.
  • The orders of the buyer should be made with 50 % of advance.
  • All the tariff taxes will be charged and paid by the buyer.
  • The transport goes for account and risk of the buyer.
  • The products will be sent as soon as we receive the total payment.
  • Any cancellation will cause a cost of 20 % charge of the whole amount.
  • Prices are subject to changes.
  • Delivery time will be in accordance with the volume of the order, which can change from 15 to 30 days for México.

If you have any question, suggestion or service request, please contact us in the phone: Tel./FAX: 01 (477) 7 74 00 21, email, also our Contact Page.

Lic. Laura Rocha
Commercial Director