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Pool Elevator


Allows you to enter and exit the pool independently for people with physical or mental disabilities


Seatbelt in the chair, its rechargeable battery is fully secure, waterproof manual control features.


2 anchors securing to the floor, protected against water and climate, its movement is gentle upwards and downwards, easy installation.


2 fixed wheels (rear)
2 stering wheels (front)p>


1 year in case manufacturing defects

Capacity Materials Electrical Equipment Proportions
Capacity: 130kgs. Aluminum Electromechanical operator 24 VDC Height: 130 cm.
Equipment weight: 120 kgs. Carbon Steel 110 Power VCD Length: 135 cms.
Plastic Central control box Width: Base: 43 cms. Total. 83 cms.
Stainless steel Control Manual sumergible de 2 funciones
Rechargeable 24 VDC (about 40 cycles)
24 VDC external charger

* Specifications subject to change without notice.